Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It is time to abolish the electoral college ..

America is a Kleptoplutocracy a pseudo democracy .. Al Gore 500 K and Hillary 1000 000 K were elected by the people ..

She beat Trump in California by 2.5 million votes..... Sorry but the electoral college is a fraud. .

 Dylan Hopson : why should everybody else be drowned out by the panhandle of Florida or rural Ohio or even the city of Durham in North Carolina? It's a bad system, is proportional the way to go, who knows? But much like Britain's FPTP which delivered a poor result last year, it needs to go It is a fraud , a system working against the will of the people

The media in this country must face up to their prominent role in this disaster. They covered the email nonsense as if it were serious, repeatedly referring to it as a "scandal" and a reason not to trust Sec. Clinton. They gave Trump huge amounts of free air time and treated him as Clinton's equal. They have been a disgrace throughout this election.