Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The DNC is to blame for losing this election.
They selected and pushed a candidate that was highly unpopular nationally and in her own party.
They alienated and ostracized half of their supporters.
They insulted us and insinuated the only reason we were voting Sanders was because we wanted "free stuff" and we "hadnt done our homework"
And when 71% of independents and 50% of democrats said "never hillary" you chose to ignore us and push the corporate candidate anyway.
And now here we are.
We have warned you of this day for more than a year.
It is YOUR fault that Clinton "won" the primary.
It is YOUR fault that Trump won the presidency

Donald Trump ran against his party, against the opposition, against the media and against the entire establishment, and was victorious. Some body need to write a book about this

The Clintons embraced the rich and elite, the Hollywood types at the expense of the working class. Her husband started this and she never did anything to change the image. She never could connect with the working class.

It is time to abolish the electoral college ..