Friday, December 2, 2016

REPUBLICANS and their BIONIC presidents, the American people elected Al Gore 500 K and HIllary Clinton 2 500 000, Bush and Trump were elected by an obsolete entity created 200 years ago .. It is time to abolish the EC to honor the will of the people, the EC is a big shame and a fraud ..
ONLY in America does winning the highest number of votes NOT guarantee you victory. In the US some votes matter while others don't. Is the US democratic?
A Constitutional Republic is a form of democracy , representative or indirect democracy .. It's time to abolish the electoral college and honor the will of the people.
Proportional representation characterizes electoral systems by which divisions in an electorate are reflected proportionately in the elected body. Representative democracies now are encountering big challenges since their representatives cannot represent the entire population . How can we fix representative democracy? ,,
Why should everybody else be drowned out by the panhandle of Florida or rural Ohio or even the city of Durham in North Carolina? It's a bad system, is proportional the way to go, who knows? But much like Britain's FPTP which delivered a poor result last year, it needs to go
So basically, the Electoral College exists to allow an economically insignificant minority to make decisions for the majority, whom they lost to by the biggest margins in 140 years?
Yeah, not buying your bullshit. Just because you're spread out across more flyover country, doesn't mean squat. Land doens't vote, people do. And right now, it's not fair that some schmuck in Wisconsin's vote is worth 4 times what mine is .. ..
Federalist 68 lays out the purpose of the Electoral College. If electors aren't refusing to vote for an unqualified demagogue tangled in foreign interests, per Hamilton's paper, why do we still have the EC ....
REPUBLICAN AGENDA : slash taxes on billionaires, keep everybody else working at poverty wages, get the races to fight each other, destroy the environment, destroy regulations that protect the common man and his family, replace education with religion, tell women what they can and can't do with their own health, deny healthcare to millions of working poor, feed the military-industrial complex with billions of tax dollars, start wars all over the middle east,build more prisons, have everybody armed to the teeth, and distract people with fluff "controversies" such as the war on Christmas and fake "scandals" such as Benghazi .. PRIVATE PROFITS , SOCIALIZING LOSSES , DONT TAX THEM BLAME THE POOR SOCIAL SECURTY AND MEDICARE ..