Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sarah Palin ll preside the Electoral College 63 million votes > 66 million votes .. Redenecks mathermatics 63 millioon votes > 66 million votes aka the Electoral College America is a liberal progressive society, the American People elected Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Obama and Hillary Clinton, The Electoral College is a fraud : ) 3 million votes for Hillary : zero delegates .. Republicans cant win elections in the US , the American People dont vote for the G O P .. It terrible .. The Electoral College is a big shame ) One hillibilly plus one redneck plus one cow and Vladmir Putin it means 10 delegates for Chump .. Republicans and their bionic presidents.. John Mccain ll investigate Russian operations in America .. .. Donadiev Trumpshov aka Donald Trump is a KGB operative elected by simpletons and illiterates, red states freeloaders .. Trump was elected against the Republican stablishment, Trump is an opportunistc vermin
he voted for Hillary and Bubba in the past .. He is a clown created by the media .. It is time to abolish the EC to honor the will of the people