Sunday, February 19, 2017

American people elected Hillary Clinton it is time to abolish the EC Nearly 40% of white voters without a college degree switched from Obama to Trump based on campaign promises that are the opposite of the Republican agenda. They need terrorism and lies to win elections Republican agenda : private profits, socializing losses , dont tax them, blame the poor , social security and medicare . Slash taxes on billionaires, keep everybody else working at poverty wages, get the races to fight each other, destroy the environment, destroy regulations that protect the common man and his family, replace education with religion, tell women what they can and can't do with their own health, deny healthcare to millions of working poor, feed the military-industrial complex with billions of tax dollars, start wars all over the middle east,build more prisons, have everybody armed to the teeth, and distract people with fluff "controversies" such as the war on

As a Roman Catholic, there is much to respect about Martin Luther. Despite the short-term conflicts of the Reformation that devastated Central Europe for thirty years, Luther's actions forced the Roman Catholic Church to call the Council of Trent and reconsider its liturgy and place in society. The Jesuits were founded, philosophers such as Descartes were sponsored, new music development under Palestrina occurred, Erasmus and Luther exchanged insightful letters. The subsequent Counter-Reformation became the Catholic Church's philosophical and academic response to the increasing number of Protestant and later Calvinist sects. As a result of these changes made, I would argue that Luther's challenge to the RCC's status quo undeniably changed the Church for the better, albeit five-hundred years in the making.