Sunday, February 19, 2017

This Electoral College is incredibly antiquate and unfair. In Europe, the candidate that receives more votes wins. Pretty straightforward. Americans have some bold nerve preaching democracy to other nations ! We are beholden to an election process that is undemocratic, unfair, antiquated, and, once again, unreflective of the will of the majority of the people's vote. The electoral college should have been put to rest with the illegitimate Bush reign ! The majority rule is used in every other form of our government ! The delegates vote along party lines, but if one state has, for example, six Democratic Representatives and four Republican Representatives, that's how the vote goes. And of course, vice versa if there's a Republican majority. The Electoral College, however, has been corrupted so that all ten votes go to the majority party. Had the Electoral College functioned as Congress does, Hillary Clinton would have won in 2016.

It's just weird to me that in a democratic election the candidate with the most votes still loses .. it's 3 million voices being ignored in this case. Electoral votes are allocated to the states each decade to reflect population shifts, but every state is guaranteed three electoral votes before allocation kicks in, leaving the least populous states with the most disproportionate number of electoral votes and improving their vote power. That’s why the five states with the most vote power have only three electoral votes. The states with the fewest people per electoral vote, and therefore the highest “vote power,” are Wyoming, Vermont, and North Dakota. In Wyoming, there are 143,000 people for each of its three electoral votes. The states with the weakest votes are New York, Florida, and California

America is a liberal society, we elected Clinton, Al Gore, Obama, and Hillary . Hillary was elected with 66 milion votes, the EC is an obsolete entity created 200 years ago and has nothing to do with modern America, it is time to abolish it to honor the will of the people.. The Electoral College is a fraud .. Republicans and their bionic presidents never elected. The EC has nothing to do with federalism, a canadidate can win the presidential elections without the votes of 39 states . Simpletons love simplistic solutions for complex problems,

2) Republicans love illegal aliens from Cuba and their political support 3) They love rich muslims , Bush, Trump, Murdoch and Cheney made billion of dollars in the ME 4) The NRA is selling guns to criminals and terrorists 5) Rede state freeloaders elected a KGB operative, the Democrats ll not put blue state money in their country anymoren 6) Bush ruined the US economy after 8 years of prosperity and 5 years w surplus, created by Clinton The EC is not working they should block crooks like Trump After 200 years we abolished slavery and after 100 years of segregation we ended it in 1964 The EC is a fraud it doesnt represent the total number of voters . Someone can win the election without popular vote and the votes of 39 states .

Nixon, Thurmond, T Lott , Barry Goldwater and the John Birch Society aka Tea Party Patriots voted against the CRA and invited the so called dixiecrats aka the Klan to go to the Republican Party

DEMOCRATS ENDED SEGREGATION IN AMERICA, Truman ended segreagtion in the miliatray and JFK and LBJ nationwide

Under Nixon , the GOP became a fascist party , they were a liberal party , a radical party UNTIL NIXON, the current GOP has nothing to do with the party of Lincoln and Eisenhower


Democrats nationwide voted 100 % for the CRA


voted against the CRA