Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ricky Brown..aren't you stupid.. Fox doesn't tell you much...march 20 they start looking into Obama wire tapping ...which didn't happen and widened the probe for trump campaign connection to Russia........ Trumpet is a great big chit sandwich and whoever follows this habitual liar with obvious mental illness is a special kind of stupid.

He has silenced federal scientist on global warming while permitted company to poison are air and water while telling his cult that its apple pie and not a chit sandwich. He has put a bunch if elite billionaire cabinet members in place and reduced wall street and banking regulations another broken campaign promise. He has attacked women, lgbt, blacks, whites, Mexican and Muslims, war heroes, pow, Republican and democratic senators and their wives in a way history has never seen. He has attacked the judiciary, 17 USA intelligence agencies and went in to support a known dictator like Putin...and this Russian scandal I could continue all day in that.. Congress you better get your boy impeached because we aren't going to forget the way you allowed and in some cases encouraged this narcissistic and habitual liar in chief..#real news # fake President.... Bat chit crazy

Trump is a KGB operative and ll make Mother Russia Great again Republican Agenda : private profits, socializing losses, dont tax them, blame the poor , social security and medicare